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Sago 90 Plus NR Frames- 90mmX4 / 110mmx3

RM 820.00
In version Sago 90 Plus we

1. Added a specially designed quicky washer to the frame- It helps you to fix the wheels and change the mode a lot more conveniently meanwhile avoid situations in which some special wheels might not fit in some cases.

2. Modify the brushed aluminum surface with a more industrial look.

3. Added Scales for assistance with mounting adjustment.

4. Update to plastic-free package.

We are proud to introduce our new product, Sago 90 Plus frames, to you all. 


Alloy: 7005 Alu
Lengths: 275mm / 256mm / 275mm 
Mounting: 150~180mm adjustable
Suggested setups: 
4x90mm mini-rocker                   275mm 
3x110/100mm(short and flat)     256mm
3x110/100mm (long and flat)      275mm
Colors: Silver / Gray
Surface: Brushed Metal