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Rigour's Torque Wrench

RM 350.00

Rigour's torque wrench is manufactured by Sloky, which has patents in many countries and produces the world's smallest torque tool.

Rigour provides 3 ways of torque for skaters.

There are three parts of the torque tool: a handle, a torque barrel and a tool head(for users changing the torque barrel at any time)

When the lock is adjusted to the requiring torque scale, it will make a ''click'' sound and run idle immediately, which is one of the greatest features of rigour's torque tool.

It is strongly recommended to use a traditional tool when removing screws.

Before replacing the torque, remove the screws and then lock it again.

We recommend skaters use the rigour torque tool to lock skates every time before skating.

Rigour provides professional inline speed skaters with all-inclusive equipment solutions